The Malibu Surf Revolt

To my Malibu patriots… who I invite to join the surf revolt! 

Dear surfing friends,

I’m sponsoring and preaching the idea of a surf revolt, because…

Remember when they closed the beaches? 

When the government ordered you out of the water, they were using surfers to test if “Covid-19” could be used to frighten the freedom out of people.
Surf Revolt
Surf Revolt

I call for increased awareness and a surf revolt at the ballot box. I say throw these dictators out of office. 

Attacks on freedom to surf by governments, combined with a flood of Covid-19 misinformation across the world during the pandemic, have exposed the California politicians for who they really are. They have denied surfers the ability to access accurate and timely information to help them cope with the health crisis. A new report by Amnesty International tells the entire story… how California governments’ reliance on censorship and punishment throughout the crisis has reduced the God-given freedom that surfers have enjoyed. And frankly, these socialists, if they will tell you that you can’t surf or that you MUST receive a medical treatment, then what is next – a prison industry, gulags and re-education camps?  Socialists often revert to that before to enforce their ideology on free loving people. You might never hear the truth but for discussing this with other surfers. You will not hear the truth on the news. The pandemic has provided a dangerous situation where governments are using new legislation to shut down independent reporting, as well as attack surfers who have been directly critical or even attempted to look into their government’s response to Covid-19.

When I was in the 9th grade (1979), my swim coach and history teacher (Coach Williams), a man who had been a Navy SEAL in Vietnam said a few things that I specifically remember: 

Someday everything is going to be against the law. – Coach Williams

…and a smart patriotic blonde in the back wanted to argue with him:

We fought World War II against the fascists and you just taught us about what we were doing fighting the Cold War in Korea and Vietnam and now you are telling us that we are edging that way and we will invite that sort of tyranny on ourselves? It will eventually come here?  — Blonde.

And Coach Williams (of course) had a cogent answer. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but it was basically about incrementalism and how many socialists were just Mensheviks (afraid to fight) and would rather just pick at the system slowly and they we didn’t want to actually met a real Bolshevik, at least not without a rifle in your hand. Whatever; it made perfect sense, even when I was a “surfing devil” (a teenager). 

So I actually went on and got my PH.D. in totalitarian governments, basically the USSR and East Germany, and Cuba. And I look at California today and I see its here. I hear advertising on the radio basically aimed at persuading citizens to “turn in” (rat) on their neighbors. And I remember when East Germany finally collapsed from the socialism; they opened up the files and learned that one in six East Germans were government informants. It’s a wide open surf revolt!

And its not just the propaganda; there is a list of 100 things that we learned from the socialists in Eastern Europe and the Cubans. If you talk to a Russian or a Cuban they will NOT be Democrats like the socialist celebrities California has been brainwashed by. They know what the socialists did to their countries. My doctor swam (floated) 90 miles from communist Cuba to come here and have the government oppress him AGAIN! 

Surf revolt? How did he know this would happen?

Coach Williams was an excellent teacher, an observant and well-read man.

And he said…

Someday Russia will be free and WE will be slaves of the government. – Coach Williams

Again, Coach Williams was right. He was the most prophetic man I’ve ever know. Many of you might remember Coach Williams. Red hair and crew cut, he looked like he’d just gotten out of the Navy, but he’d been home and teaching for 10 years. 

How do I know anything about the world?

When I was getting my Ph.D. the government flew us around the world, generally on holidays, almost always to socialist governments or governments on the brink. I learned an important lesson, as nice as it sounds and as fair as they present it, socialism doesn’t work. Can you help me in the surf revolt!

And when it fails they always repackage it and say next time we will get it right.

They didn’t do socialism correctly in the Soviet Union. We’re going to do it correctly in California beginning now! – Malibu Socialist Activist

There isn’t any RIGHT way to do it; it just sucks and the socialist are too dumb to realize.

The Malibu Surf Revolt
Malibu Surf Revolt!

Redistribution of wealth only make the productive people lazy; I mean if you are gonna steal from people, they just sit down and “pretend” to work.  And the unproductive people, well they aren’t about to begin being productive; that’s just too much work when they are gonna get a check anyway.

And state control of the economy? Let’s make the entire economy as efficient as the Post Office or the California DMV.

And the level of social control required to maintain socialist discipline it too high a price. First it starts with the “cancel culture” and when people begin not to care if they are canceled or not then they start with the imprisonment. It always ends with the Gulag system.   It’s a slow process for Menshevik (slow-creeping) communists like we have here in California; it might not happen in your lifetime, but eventually they will get around to locking everyone up. 

Yes, I know people always tell me I don’t know the difference between socialism and communism… but frankly that is my area or expertise. Twelve years of college and three degrees but I’m the one that doesn’t know what I’m talking about.  Typical socialist are dumbasses and they HATE anyone more educated or more adroit than they are. 

Surf revolt, what does work?

From everything I’ve learned and seen with my own two eyes… 

  • private property, which allows people to own tangible assets such as land and houses and intangible assets such as stocks and bonds;
  • self-interest, through which people act in pursuit of their own good, without regard for sociopolitical pressure. Nonetheless, these uncoordinated individuals end up benefiting society as if, in the words of Smith’s 1776 Wealth of Nations, they were guided by an invisible hand;
  • competition, through firms’ freedom to enter and exit markets, maximizes social welfare, that is, the joint welfare of both producers and consumers;
  • a market mechanism that determines prices in a decentralized manner through interactions between buyers and sellers—prices, in return, allocate resources, which naturally seek the highest reward, not only for goods and services but for wages as well;
  • freedom to choose with respect to consumption, production, and investment—dissatisfied customers can buy different products, investors can pursue more lucrative ventures, workers can leave their jobs for better pay; and
  • limited role of government, to protect the rights of private citizens and maintain an orderly environment that facilitates proper functioning of markets.

This system is not the best for every single person (many are too lazy to be winners), but it is the best system for the whole and for MOST of the people. I think the socialism these suck egg politicians are forcing on you since the 1960s is “tyranny of the majority.”  How about “Government by, of and for the Kooks!” That is what you are getting on this path.  Let’s continue with a government that hands all the wealth and rewards over to the people that DON’T KINOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING? Really?  Socialism is operated for the benefit of losers and the “talented” politicians who “administer” it for them. I know that’s mean but what I meant to says was, “it’s for unproductive people.” 

California and especially LA has a homeless problem; I honestly believe many of those people are in that situation because of the government.  We can return many of these men and women to active roles in the economy by restoring the free markets. We need less government to bring about full employment and prosperity again.

“Government by, of and for the Kooks!” – Surf revolt!

Surf Revolt
Surf Revolt

Hollywood and the media will want to cancel me and at the same time cancel everything that made this country prosperous. Sure not everyone has money to surf all around the world.  But if you’ve had the chance, surely you realized that the USA has a unique place in the world and it’s not because of our natural resources. Many countries have more oil, timber, gold and diamonds. We are rich because of our free-market history and traditions.

The reason you can afford to surf is because of our OPEN MINDS and FREE MARKETS. You can thank Thomas Jefferson and Adam Smith and if you want to listen maybe Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman. I wish I was more articulate but maybe, if you aren’t surfing, put the surfboard down and read a book. Maybe Atlas Shrugged and Free to Choose

Sit and think about the evil direction the politicians are taking us. 

Why me and why the surfers?

While I did spend 27 years at the front of a class room, nearly always lecturing college freshmen, I have always felt more effective just hanging out the beach and talking about laid back stuff with people like me. It’s not too laid back today, but I’m getting old and tired and frankly I’m afraid the end is near for the country and the way we grew up. We grew up with opportunity. So i’m speaking out and I hope the open-minded surfers are listening.  

Surf Revolt! – Surfers should take action. 

We should name a beach somewhere between County Line and Hermosa FREEDOM BEACH, in memory of the day the government told you that you could no longer surf. 

If you have an idea what location to name FREEDOM BEACH, please post below (leave a comment) or email me at ([email protected]). Or just begin calling it “FREEDOM BEACH” if enough people respect their GOD GIVEN freedom they will ignore the socialist politicians in Sacramento and call it what it is!

So what will happen now?

The socialist in California will NOT easily give up power. They see this as a monumental political swell. They will engineer the election laws so that mail-in ballots will deliver them victory. 

Your only chance is symbolic.

Make this page an online petition… 


(I don’t want canceled, not until next year anyway)

PS: Please don’t hunt me down and harass me. This site is registered and operated by a former student of mine. He may or might not agree with the content, but he certainly does believe in free and open discussion.